From Rojava to the world, we fight and we break the silence

The statement of the internationalist battalion for Newroz

20 / 3 / 2017

From Rojava, to all open fronts, as the Antifascist Internationalist Battalion, in this moment fighting to protect the revolution of the confedereted people of northern Syria, we make a call for solidarity and unity of actions to all the revolutionary forces of all the world.

We want them to be present here and now. Also here and now we affirm our commitment to the values of the Democratic Confederalism and to the people who are defending it. Their fight is our fight and at same time everyone's. For them we came to add our prospectives and experiences. We are set for mutual support and comradeship. In this struggle there is no place for partisanship, or personalism. It's an entire people that is pushing from nothing, for themselves, humanity and the future.

This future is being built here and now, sun after sun, effort after effort. After 5 years combatting, this revolution is now finally winning. Far from being tired, we want to continue growing and feeding this struggle so that we can plant new trees. 

We will protect them.

They will be the trees of our sons, the trees of the mothers whom have given everything here, of the brothers who lost their brothers, of the daughters that today are taking up arms looking in the eyes of us all.

Our enemies: fascism, absolutes, male chauvinism, nothingness, darkness and capital. 

We call on everyone to break the silence, to break the walls, to eradicate frontiers and to come with us to protect life, land and freedom. We have a place here, and we are waiting.

Together, tomorrow is ours!

Bîjî berxwedana Rojava!

Long live the resistance of the Northern Democratic Syria!

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