Coal is the single-most climate damaging fossil fuel. Instead of burning coal in conventional power plants we must leave the coal in the ground. On 26th September we will shut down one of the largest coal power plants in Denmark.

Copenhagen: Stop talking, Shut it down!

Civil disobedience mass action in Copenhagen. Demo broke into the power plant area: violent police charges, 150 arrests. Real time updates

26 / 9 / 2009

Reports and updates in real time from


The Swedish energy company Vattenfall, which owns Amagerværket, called today's climate action 'uncomfortable' for both employees and their company.
- It is uncomfortable for both employees and our company with the pressure that we could feel today. We've actually been really worried about the possible consequences if hundreds of people entered the station, said communications director of Vattenfall, Marianne Reedtz Sparrevohn to
Today's intrusion will not Vattenfall to consider their coal production.
- We are not ashamed that we are burning coal, says Marianne Reedtz Sparrevohn.


150 demonstrators are about to be arrested.  Some demonstrators are about to be removed in policebuses, while others are still sitting in a large group surrounded by police on the field, on the left side of the Vindøllevej.


There is a bizarre sight on the field at the left side of Vindmøllevej - opposite the power station. Policemen and protestors pushing one another in chains, so it according to Modkrafts reporter looks like a collective tango.At least one demonstrator is arrested. And demonstrators speaker car is seized by police.


Five police wagons have arrived at the entrance of Amagerværket on Kraftværksvej. Cops are out of the cars and is pushing and hitting the 3-400 people who find themselves on the spot. Scattered clashes between police and demonstrators. Several is possibly arrested, says the eyewitness.


Drag the battons "Drag the battons," the police are shouting again and again as they are trying to stop the 200 people who have just now stormed into a field near Amagerværket and spread in the area. The situation described as' chaotic '' s reported.


Police have stormed the demonstrators and are beating up protesters with battons. Its very violent a Modkraft journalist reports.

Green and Purple Blocks are now together on the road Vindmøllevej. Thus, the activist strength for both groups has increased. There are fewer police on Vindmøllevej, so one should expect that the current most determined attempt to break through the police lines comes from here in a short time.
The demonstrators are moving together towards the fence.

Activists are cutting the fence. But is not inside the power plant grounds yet


Green blocks, forced the first police shutoff. It happened after the cry "Now we move forward." There is a police containment more 50 meters ahead, where police are waiting with three cars. There are also police officers in the fields and on the roofs.The activists are shouting: "Not your business, not your business'.Green block pulling back again - away from the police cordon.


Police have formally disbanded the Purple Block, which respond by moving towards the main entrance to Amagerværket. Around 100 people are in this block. A group of 50 activists, also from Purple Block has directed their attention to a second entrance to the power plant area. High hip-hop music roars beyond both police and activists. The atmosphere is calm but tense


Green blocks are now in front of the fence.  The police shouted to the demonstrators to stop and respect the fence. The demonstrators shouted "Shut it down, shut it down '.


Purple Block is now only 50 meters from the police barricade. Police say in the speakers, that if the fence is broken, the police will disband the demonstration. The demonstrators are moving slowly, while some give the police the finger.


The rally now splits into several parts. Purple block goes up towards the power plant from the road "Kraftværksvej" for the main entrance. Green block goes down by the road Forlandet, where they will occur on the left side of the plant.


The Purple-bloc, which constitutes the front of the rally has begun to mask themselves. Between 20 and 30 activists have thus taken hats and scarves to cover the face. According to the news agency Ritzau the police follows the rally from two helicopters.


The demonstration is now stopping. The purple and green blocks are getting ready to try to enter the power plant area.


Eight police cars are parked behind a police shut-off 150 meters from Amagerværket. About 100 officers moved up in front of an ironfence. Behind the iron fence is an additional 20-30 officers and three dog carts. Police expect 'wild riots' in the area, informs a policeman for 's broadcast.


Shut It Down has issued a press release in which they tell the police not to escalate the situation when activists later today will try to storm Amagerværket.

- We hope the police wont behave violently and escalate the situation. We have openly announced that we will create a non-violent disobedient action to stop the power plant from burning coal, which is very damaging to the climate, "says Sophie Werenskiold from Shut It Down.

Organizers estimate that 1500-2000 people is participating in today's demonstration, which is currently heading towards Amagerværket.

- We are pleased that so many turned up to show their protest against Denmark's hypocritical climate policy, where the politicians on the one hand claims to be progressive in the international media, while they in Denmark continues massive use of climate damaging fuels such as coal, says spokesperson Sophie Werenskiold for Shut It Down.


The demonstration is now on the way towards the coal power plant. In the front is the purple block in white overalls and purple scarves. They carry a banner that says 'Coalpower stole my future'.

After the front block in purple is the green block which. The banner here reads: "Capitalism is crisis."


There is now observed two helicopters around Amagerværket. They fly close over all boats in the area,  to check whether there are activists on board.
On Christianshavns Torv is now between 500 and 1,000 demonstrators. Two Shut It Down activists have held speaches in which they have stated that coal power is dangerous for the climate and that civil disobedience is legitimate.
Around 30 activists from the so-called purple block has clothed themselves in white overalls and different protection gear to protect against police violence.
Also the green block is getting ready for departure.

Five activists from the Shut It Down water demonstration was in the afternoon stopped by coast guards when they tried to swim towards Amagerværket from Refshalevej, activists informs
Three other activists from the water demonstration is currently on the way to Christianshavns Torv where the demonstration starts. They are still clad in swimming trunks and bags with their clothes on their backs. The activists were earlier in the day stopped by a police speedboat as they also tried to swim the 100 meters from Refshalevej to Amagerværket.
All the activists have been sleeping in the area tonight.


There are police in most of the area around Amagerværket - also on the water. A few hundred meters off the station is a small vessel and also several orange speedboats manned by police officers is on the water. Besides having posted policemen inside the station, there is also mounted police in the area around the plant.


Four coaches and several large policetrucks filled with police officers has gone up in front of the entrance to Amagerværket. There are about 30 guards in each bus, while other officers in the area have dogs, ride on horses and are on the roof of the coal plant.
There is a military helicopter over the area.The police has also put up about a 100 meter metal fence fixed in concrete blocks down toward the water on both sides of the plant. To protect against the block that will charge the plant in boats.

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