Biennale of Venice: protest in the Chinese and U.S. pavilion

Towards the COP15 Conference in Copenhagen. They are G-2, we are G-Billions.

19 / 11 / 2009

Official press release: Re-power to the people.

This morning, in the city of Venice, we have symbolically occupied the China and the U.S. pavilions during the 53rd International Art Exhibitionof Biennale.


Because the Earth Planet is kidnapped and it is reduced to a(greenhouse) gas chamber that is producing  thousands of deaths, environmental disasters, limitations of democracy,wars, massive migrations of "climate refugees".

Through the Edict of Singapore, just a month before what it seemed to be the place of the world discussion on reduction of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere, the governesses of China andUSA declared nothing will be done.

They have already decided, for all, that things must keep on going in thesame way, even worse.We wondered who we are facing to: the President Obama, the politician ofthe Green Economy and the social justice, ora subordinate to the biggest corporation in the world: the Congress of theCommunist Chinese Party which runs an enormous coal and oil factory.It is called Popular Republic.Is Hu Jin Tao the heir of Mao, or one of the worst capitalist everappeared on the face of the earth?

The Edict of Singapore tells us about a world in which China, holding nearly the 50% of the american public debt, makes the rules and those who where the most powerful, the United States of America, now they obey.

The internal lobbies that Obama is facing, linked to oil and coal, are the same which have supported the wars of Bush, and today they affirm themselves, making the first black president to a puppet, in the global war against humanity.

The so called "Developing Countries" Brasil, India and China set the Global Agenda on climate as well, aware of the old leadership states ofcapitalism falled in their own crisis.The United States, with an unemployment rate never seen before. Europe, a political dummy closed in its State's misery. The same States that are not even able to sketch any kind of “exit strategy” that, of course, cannot be based on the last century's energetic model.

By the way, both G2 and G20 , have a big common issue:

to prevent the climate crisis to open the doors to a democracy surplus and to a better management of the common legacy.

A kind of management that leads to a widespread energetic self-production, able to prevent resources centralization and control.

For the global capitalism, this would mean to give the control to the people, an so to start its own end.

We want to be members of this multitude that, from the network to the Earth, is kicking against this situation. In order to do it, we leave behind every ideology and every conformity, and so we start to see thingsfor what they really are, and to fight agaist them.If nuke is devastating here, it is the same in Iran or in the Taliban's hand too.

If the Chinese government is a capitalistic dictatorship, that guarantees the status quo, we affirm it without any fear.

If Obama is notable to face the political challenge he's been elected for, heautomatically becomes an accomplice.

We will go to Copenhagen with this mind, and with no flags.

Activists of the SeeYouinCOPenhagen Network

This morning a hundreds of activists of the "seeyouincopenhagen" network, dressed in white overalls, broke into the Biennale of Art in Venice to block the main entrance of the Chinese Pavilion.

The banner that blocks the main door says: "Climate Justice now! Save the planet, Save Venice".

The mean of the protest is to point out the responsability of China and USA governments on the environmental crisis.

Through the so called "Singapore Edict", signed some days ago by a bilateral agreement of United States and China, it was definitely delegitimate any deal on CO2 emission reductions, planned for the U.N Conference of COP15 in Copenhagen next December.

The Chinese Pavillon was blocked for one hour, then the white overall activists moved to the U.S. Pavillon."They are just two, we are 6 billions" say the activists during the press conference. Again "We have to be free from any ideology and any tradition in political action and this is why that today we decide to protest in front of the pavillon of the Chinese State".

See you in Copenhagen: iniziativa alla Biennale

Biennale of Venice - Protest in the Chinese and U.S.A. pavilion