Mobilize against the borders of Fortress Europe – Sunday 3 April everybody to the Brenner Pass

Meeting point - 13:30 FS train station

10 / 3 / 2016

The devices of closure and of the strong restriction of freedom of movement that UE states are using can be seen as the symbol of the direction that governments apply in terms of citizenship and fundamental rights of peoples. Barriers, barbed wire, militarization of borders are in this moment the signals concerning the limitation of the welcome to the refugees and of the asylum sekeers rights. In each border are evident several illegal methods violation of basic rights. From Sweden to Greece, Hungary and UK, the debate that has developed regarding this topic give new political and cultural basis bound to the revision of Shengen Treaty, on the part of people's free movement, and to a new borders regime.

Not only this creates the police control of borders, but is producing a differentiation mechanism between who can own minimum rights of citizenship and who have access only in special moments, decided no more on a common right basis, but “from above” through ethnic criteria. In other words who today from Idomeni, Ceuta, Melilla, Lampedusa and the Islands of Aegean sea, from Turkish to Libyan coasts claims a life with dignity in front of violent material and intangible obstacles.

Austria and Macedonia are today the firsts countries that open the doors to a model that, in a framework of a more globalized finance and trade, tries new forms of national sovereignity based on the use of force and on the militarization of borders, underlying the asylum seeker migrant that wants to pass through a territory in order to go to another country as an enemy. The domino effect of this strategy can be seen at the border between Greece and Macedonia, where thousands of people that have lost everything are blocked, without any possibility to move towards other European country.

In front of this scenary social movements cannot be hesitant, but must translate the efforts of migrants on the Balkan Route and the voices of solidarity into processes of radical transformation. The goal is a new European citizenship. Only in this case we can tear down from the bottom up the ideology of the war among the poor, always more useful to the austerity governance's interests, and by opening a public debate able to build new models of inclusive welfare and to bring to a strenghtened of everybody's rights.

Thus, Sunday 3 April we will be at the Brenner Pass in order to disobey to the Italian-Austrian border and avoid the creation of devices that obstruct the freedom of movement of people. We will do it in many, with a popular mobilization that will start from the Brenner's train station and will arrive in Austria, without asking the authorization and by rejecting any individual or collective control device, since that border ain't got no legitimacy. The Europe we want to build does not foresee neithe walls nor fences, and only resistance can stop the nationalistic egoism and racial hate.

We call upon all the realities that are interested in the creation of this day all together to contact us in order to organize a preparatory web conference

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(traduzione Carlo Geromel)