Sanctioned the office of Leonardo-Finmeccanica in Venice in solidarity with Kurdish people

9 / 4 / 2018

Few days after the official conclusion of the “Olive branch” military operation, where the jihadist groups from the FSA (Free Syrian Army) and the Turkish Republic army forces have deliberately bombed civil targets, the social centres of North-East of Italy and YaBasta! Edi Bese! decided to take action  and sanction those that contribute to the massacre of the people of the Federation of the North Syria-Rojava.

In solidarity with the Kurdish people of Afrin, who is bravely fighting the IS jihadist and resisting the Turkish attack by Erdogan, they have cut the fences of the Leonardo factory in Mestre and sanctioned the offices with the red color which represents the blood on the hands of the Turkish leader and all Europe that financed Turkey with billions to take care of the migration flow.

That money was used to massacre the Kurdish people through the “Olive Branch” operation and the factory of death Leonardo made itself accomplice to this making parts of machinery used for the attack to Afrin.

Since the 20th of last January, when the umpteenth attack to the Rojava Revolution, we count over 3000 civilian victims and hunderd of thousands of civilian displaced people, that found shelter and peace in Afrin from the atrocities of the syrian civil war, especially in Aleppo and Raqqa.

Afrin, during the 7 years of the bloody war in Syria, has always represented a shelter, a place where the peace and solidarity between people have always been the principles of hospitality. The attack commited by the Turkish state and the jihadist militia against the population of Afrin is an attack against peace and democracy, nowadays very rare in the Middle East.

The initiative and the sanctioning of today against the offices of Leonardo-Finmeccanica is an act of condemnation against those who today finance, arm and allow the massacre of civilians in Rojava. Leonardo e Augusta-Westland are among the main producers of war helicopters in our country. This “excellence”, despite the international logics, is exported towards countries that use this “products” against civilians. It is good to repeat that the AW129 helicopters, multipurpose offensive light helicopters, produced under licence Leonardo, are the same filmed during the past weeks while shooting missiles against civilian inhabited areas, and they represent, together with the “Cobra” of US production, the most used vehicle by the Turkish army during the operations against the Syrian Democratic Forces in Afrin.

Leonardo-Finmeccanica is a high-technology global entreprise in the Aerospatial, Defense and Security sectors, its main actionist is the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance, which owns a quota of around 30%. Since the first of January 2016 in Leonardo-Finmeccanica have merged the activities previously controlled by Agusta-Westland, Alenia Aermacchi, Selex ES, OTO Melara e Wass.

It is by grassroot sanctioning, with demonstrative and communicative actions, that we want express our indignation towards those who are death and destruction mongers. We promised that occupying the Turkish consulate in Marghera last 14th of March, we reaffirmed it during the demonstrations, and we say it once more today: all those that do business and are accomplice with the dictator Erdogan are automatically our enemies, because they are enemies of the Revolution of the North of Syria and enemies of democracy.

The list of the Italian enterprises which do business with regimes far away from the concept of democracy is long, among them Finmeccanica, Salini Impregilo, Pirelli, Barilla, Ferrero, Castaldi, Caltagirone and Unicredit. They are all accomplices of the dictatorship in Turkey, accomplices of Erdogan’s politics and accomplices of the actions of the jihadist militia which are causing death and destruction in Afrin and Rojava.

Being today in front of the Agusta-Westland factory means to be on the side of peace and democracy, against the imperialistic war of the dictator Erdogan, with the Revolution, with Rovaja, till the Victory!


*** Traduzione a cura di Andrea Berta

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