Turkish censorship on Facebook hits on Ya Basta-Êdî Bese and Global Project

The Facebook pages of Ya Basta Êdî Bese and Globalproject.info have been banned tonight and this morning. Among the alleged charge, "terrorism" and "organized hate".

16 / 10 / 2019

As it happened to many other pages that were denouncing what is going on on the northern Syria, yesterday night Facebook hid Ya Basta Êdî Bese’s profile and this morning Facebook did the same with Globalproject.info.

On our profile, before the ban, all the contents about the demonstrations in solidarity with the Kurdish revolution were deleted. This kind of contents has always been published on Globalproject.info, even before the Rojava revolution. These contents – according to Facebook – represent a violation on the community standards.

This operation of censorship is going on also on other social network, among which there is Instragram.

Erdogan’s war is going also through the field of information, with the Turkish intelligence committed in scientifically reporting thousands of profiles and posts that denounce Turkey’s misdeeds. Few months ago, the international Turkish police sentenced Ya Basta Êdî Bese’s website with the charge of terrorism.

Reports find fertile ground in a proprietary platform such as Facebook, whose huge turnover does not take into account the orientations and goals of the informations circulating. 

Within the “community standards”, Facebook points out its “neutrality”, without taking into account the fact that by censoring who protest against this war means, in fact, being factious and promote who is carrying a genocide and helping the islamic fascists of Daesh.

What is even more serious is that Globalproject.info is a regularly registered newspaper. Facebook's decision therefore violates the most basic principles of press freedom.

We’ll keep on denouncing what is going on in Syria and on supporting all the struggles of the Kurdish population through our websites and by highlighting all the demonstrations and actions that will take place on the next days and weeks.

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