Caravans to the borders in Turkey, Tunisia and Lebanon

1 / 3 / 2014

The ‘charter of lampedusa’ is being subscribed by many to affirm that both life and essential rights come prior to formal norms.

The caravans for rights and dignity aims at better understanding the frontiers situation, at meeting with the people living a frontier life: who are they? what personal as well as collective stories do they tell? which walls are they forced to cross? in which refugee camps are do they survive before leaving? what kind of blackmails and speculations strangle their lives?

We strive for a common action so that tragedies such as the one of the 3rd october 2013 and many others in the Mediterranean sea as well as at the frontiers will not happen.

We strive for a collective path looking at the other side of the mediterranean, to the widened and mobile frontiers of the fortress.

Therefore we propose a collective form to reach some of the symbolic places and landmarks of the frontier life, giving shape to a participatory and coordinated action in order to interweave relationships, knowledge and a common narrative, contributing to the construction of an euro-mediterranean of rights and freedoms.

What the aim of the first three proposed delegations to turkey, tunisia, lebanon?

·         In turkey to meet people and learning about the reality of the social movements that are struggling for freedom and rights. And to go to the border with Syria, where there have been attempts at erecting new walls, such as in Nusyabin.

·         in Tunisia to strengthen the relationships with several actors: associations struggling for the truth about the deaths of those dead in the attempt at crossing the mediterranean, social organisations of the south of the country engaged in achieving spaces of freedom, and those living on the border with Libya.

·         in Lebanon to learn about the refugee camps, where palestinian refugees live since longer than 60 years and where syro-palestinian refugees live after fleeing from the war in Syria in the last two years.

three caravans at the same time: a first common step to meet organisations and people, for a plural narration to understand and tell what happens at the borders, to overcome a deliberately instrumental discussion on the topic of the entry into the european union.


the caravans will take place in the period between 20th april and 4th may 2014 for around ten 10 days

caravan to Turkey

the caravan includes two stops: Istanbul and the borders with Syria.

in Istanbul: meetings with organisation committed to rights and freedom.

two days at the Syrian border to get to know the stories of the refugees and the organizations that deal with reception.

* delegation coordination: Ya Basta! coalition | * contacts:

caravan to Tunisia

three stops: Tunis, Sidi Bouzid governorship, border with Libya

Tunis: meetings with associations for migrants rights and with organisations founded following the uprising

Sidi Bouzid, Mentzel Bouzaienne, Regueb: meetings with people of free and self-managed media center

border with Libya: to learn about the frontier situation and condition of subsaharian refugees following the official closure of the choucha camp.

* coordination: Ya Basta! coalition and Un Ponte per … | * contacts:

caravan to Lebanon

visit to palestinian refugee camps in beirut’s pheriphery and in the south of the country. Meeting with the local associations (both lebanese and palestinian), active in the camps for assistance, education and media/information projects.

* coordination: Un Ponte per... | * contacts:

Info and general contacts: and

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