Pigs against troika - invitation for a spring in movement


26 / 3 / 2014

During the umpteenth change of government, the umpteenth policy maker and antidemocratic  reorganization of our country, we are sure about the necessity to build occasion of in-depth confrontation, as well as sharing a prospective of radical change, preparatory to open new political public spaces of movement inside and immediately beyond the National borders.The Europe of crises imposes to the conflict and the subjectivity a constant effort to recompose and form coalition between them, and a synergic and complicit work with foreign movement.The angst and vanity of the neo-sovereignty’s proposition are confirm by the daily political chronicle: you just have to think about the prompt visit of the neo first minister Renzi in Berlin and to the confront of this new government with the pastoral power we call “troika”.The meeting we announce has as main objective the building of a spring of movement, rich of confronts and open experiences, to build big and rebel streets.On April the 4, 5 and 6, in many we will be on Naples to discuss Europe, borders, citizenship, intern and extern migrations, incomes, commons, between actions and prospective, characterizing in the European and Mediterranean space a occasion to fight against the governance’s Europe, which for five years multiplicities poverty and exploitation, clearance sale of territory and scrap the welfare.We are interested to produce from the underneath this mutual politics which can exist between the many who – in the metropolis, in the suburbs, in the resistant community - are fighting against the predatory attack of the capital and its wave of accumulation. A mutual politics which knows how to valorize –inside a discussing horizon but also building a shared agenda- the different languages, the different practice, the different temporality which build this opposition to exploitation of social cooperation and collectives resources.Our challenge is to try a level of confront, of change and share between who are proposing to radically transform the existing.The crisis is not an abstract, neutral phenomenon; it’s the dimension used by capital control to order and exploit social production and reproduction, pushing through the misappropriation of common resources – nature, cultural heritage, material and immaterial goods – and setting up new forms of exploitation inside productive processes.This situation requires a debate that goes beyond slogans, operative words and the meeting itself: the most effective forms of response and counter-practice must be identified to damage the counterpart, producing new experiences and organization, redistribution options and practices of repossession of social wealth.In this spirit, in Napoli we will discuss about South, which is not a geographical point but a political category.“South” is not a mythical essence characteristic of this or that specific country, but a power balance in being, a way for the rich to govern over the poor, a matrix that expresses social inequality.“South” is indeed the ability of the European governance to use some countries as laboratories for new exploitations: we are talking about environmental ravage, about biocide territories all around Europe, like the “Land of fire” (now presented by media – to hide the problem – as an exaggeration, or an invention, of local committees), about useless large-scale infrastructure projects as well as major events that come the way of a place exploiting its resources, making thousands women and men work, exploiting their relationships, their intelligence, their knowledge, up to the making up of new ad hoc legal devices, like the unpaid work for the expo 2015.Our Souths are in the north, too: wealth and poverty, not geographic coordinates, are our meridians!The north capitals have huge slums of insecurity and exploitation – but also extraordinary experiences of fights for the right to the city –, just like the extreme South of Europe has great holdings made by revenues with revenues.For us, the South is the jus soli of social fights.We want to contrive a political agenda for this spring.From Napoli, we will immediately move towards April 12 – national day of mobilization in Rome against the troika and against Renzi’s government – as a date to implement what we will develop during the meeting. We wish to cooperate to elaborate a discussion on income to oppose the mainstream narrative – where income means workfare and hideous multiplication of forms of insecurity –; a discussion that points to the concrete possibility, for all, to take socially made wealth back.April 12 can be a crossing point to join the fights and multiply local conflicts. But we will not stop: we will go through the European 1st of May, building an imagination that can break with the formal self representation of social work. We will thus use the meeting to create coalitions with a view to May’s European mobilization week, designing a new European political space which we wish full of widespread uprisings and claims on commons, income, fight against debt and right and dignity of migrations to Europe and inside Europe.These rebel months will get us to Rome in July, when the European Ministers for Labour and Welfare will meet in a summit to discuss about youth unemployment: can you think of a better opportunity to plan ways to make the voices of the ones who experience the effects of insecurity and exploitation heard?

We are waiting for you in Napoli.
#tuttiisud against troika, because the future is not written, is completely open.



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