Venice – Angry Animals against climate chaos

Animals coming from different parts of the globe chained up to a big cruise ship in the maritime station of Venice

18 / 9 / 2017

We receive and publish the public notice, which came to our editorial staff, claiming an action occurred this morning in Venice. Activists wearing animals’ masks chained to a cruise ship and hung a banner saying “Save the planet, save the lagoon. Stop climate chaos, stop cruise ships.” Lighting also smokes. The happening promoted the European meeting promoted by Comitato No Grandi Navi (committee against big ships) of this weekend in the city. Here follows the public notice of the animals.

 “Every living thing lives an environment which defines its nature, quality and way of life.

It’s its ecosystem and it’s made of different elements – earth, air, light, heat and other living things – in a constant mutual exchange.

The existence of an ecosystem bases itself on the perfect and wonderful balance, between its parts.

Between each one of its parts.

If you modify even only one of them you create a mutation in the others, and, step by step, on the entire ecosystem.

If the variation is too big and too fast, the perfect balance breaks. The ecosystem collapses.

This is exactly what is going on, here and now, to a very large and complex ecosystem: our Planet.

Temperature rises, ice melt, tornado are more and more violent, it snows in the desert, the North Pole is muggy.

It’s the loss of the balance, it’s showing us its consequences. 

It wasn’t random, it wasn’t a change to which our ecosystem is going to adapt. No: it was caused, wanted, insistently researched. 

Consequences have been systematically ignored, the effects denied. And the culprit is known: profit.

In the name of the profit for few, rivers had been dried out, rainforests cut, mountains dig.

In the name of profit for few we pushed ourselves to the bottom of the Earth to draw petrol, gas, minerals, everything that has been growing for hundreds of years was rapidly exhausted, burnt, consumed. 

The guilty parties are few and known: Bp, Chevron, ExxonMobil, Shell, Total, Eni, Monsanto, GazProm. They’re multinational corporations, oil companies, cement lobbies, huge infrastructure companies: they’ve sold away our territories, took advantage of our resources, took for granted our ecosystem and our future.

They wage war against  the Planet in the name of capitalism and its interests. A war against territories and the people who live these territories, whose voices were unheard when not shut down.

Consequences were visible, the boundary was known. Both have been ignored.

We, as inhabitant of this planet, as oppressed  animals, whose existences are  uncertain,  whose future is constantly under attack, we who keep resisting in our communities: we want to answer to this declaration of war.

Today in Venice, city of stone and water, a city which is also a lagoon, we keep attending to the slaughter of huge monsters that destroy, pollute, dirty everything they meet.

We keep attending the attack to our houses, our canals for the pointless amusement and profit for few. And, again, we know the guilty party: Carnival Corporation, CostaCrociere, MSC, VTP, Consorzio Venezia Nuova.

Today, in Venice, a big ship was our target. A big ship was touched.

We are neither silent nor powerless.

You have neither domesticated nor bought us.

We have not surrendered and we won’t.

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