from Blockupy to No Expo

The Commune of Europe will be on the streets again the 1st of May against the other side of european austerity regime.

29 / 4 / 2015


We recently gathered in the streets of Frankfurt, we took over the ECB-party and painted a picture that hit. The struggles against the Europe of the ruling elites show one clear fact: another Europe is possible and deeply wanted and it will be the Europe of the people. Now we will meet again in Milan on the 1st of May because we want to take possession of another inauguration. The one of Expo. 

The hypocrisy of Expo is hard to beat. The main issues are alimentation, the access to food and its provision. Taken for itself, it’s for sure a crucial subject for the future of mankind. But don't take the bait! Italian and European population had the opportunity to know what hides under humanitarian slogans: we are not capable of endorsing Expo since the whole event is sponsored by CocaCola and McDonald's. It will be not a green or a pink washing to change your soul of ravenous corporations.

Moreover Expo realizes the wet dream of capital: unwaged and free labour. Thousands of young students, stagers and interns, the so-called volunteers, will work for Expo without getting wages. Traditional unions signed an agreement for the whole duration of Expo formally stating the possibility to hire people without giving them a wage. Thereby the unions themselves disqualified their reason of existence.

So again we will gather in the streets, this time in Milan, to point out that social movements are really bounding with each other beyond national borders: one more time you will find us merged in the united colours of resistances, together with many different people joining us.

The Commune of Europe is always an attitude and an open invitation towards all the people who want to build a common ground for social struggles and who share political goals. And its idea ranges far beyond the borders of the existing EU. Together we fight every aspects of today capitalist system. A system which forces people to drown for freedom. We can’t but agree with the this sentence: Everyone who is here, is from here. Plus, we add: everyone who wants to be here, should have the possibility to get here. Our Europe is not the one of ECB or Expo, our Europe is borderless and has freedom, rights and dignity for all.

The Commune of Europe