The obsessive, pervasive and total repression seen in Copenhagen needs to find guilties at the cost of inventing them: 7 CJA activists will have a court days tomorrow. That is the political follow-up of the COP-15. On the ground of the accusations, they risk up to few years of detention.

Stop the police warming! freedom for climate activists! Call for a net action

The only democracy that can still be had is consent or absence. We can either applaud or get out of the way when the police tells us that the decision has already been made and that every other road, except for retreat, is prohibited. We can’t consent to everything, nor can we be absent all the time. Well then, we will forever absent from consent.

14 / 3 / 2010

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      On the basis of the following text and in order to effectively show a strong support for the seven activists that will have the court case on the 16th, we propose to tempest the email boxes of Danish Court, Government, Parliament and of your local Danish Ambassy. Find the details at the bottom of the page.

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On the 16th of March Natasha Vercoe and Noah Weiss will have a courtcase in Copenhagen. On the ground of the accusations, they risk up to few years of conviction.

Quite similarly, in a short time also Tannie Nyboe, Stine Gry,Malthe Ege, Mads Kissowand Tadzio Mueller will need to defend themselves in a court.

All the seven are members of the CJA, the international assembly that collectively organized Reclaim the Power!, the mass civil disobedience action that took place on the 16th of December in Copenhagen. They were among the spokespersons of the action. Their phones have been tapped, their homes have been raided, they have been followed and arrested while walking or biking down the street.

Our seven comrades, some of which have already been detained up to three weeks, are charged of having planned to commit violences against the police (not a single evidence has been produced) and to organize law-breaking actions..

These actions amounted to publicly declared and motivated civil disobedience in peaceful form.

Using our body to push against the police lines not letting them to stop our ideas cowardly beating or imprisoning our bodies is it a crime? Does it deserve the jail?

Shouldn't have been prosecuted, instead, those powerfuls that hampered every real discussion about energy and climate in order to advantage at most the business and the profit, careless for the survival of millions and of future generations?

It isn’t our fault that the democratic theatre has been definitely broken (if it ever did work). It isn’t our fault if every independence and participation is blocked for the higher reasons of the Business, the State or the Empire.

The decisions have already been made for everything: energy production and exploitation of natural resources, waste management plans, military bases – everything.

By who and for who, we are not allowed to know. We don’t know who has sovereignty over what, whether it is still on earth or in some non-place of the Empire.

Is it our fault?

The only democracy that can still be had is consent or absence.

We can either applaud or get out of the way when the police – with clubs, armored cars, pistols and unidentifiable men – tells us that the decision has already been made and that every other road, except for retreat, is prohibited.

We can’t consent to everything, nor can we be absent all the time.

Well then, we will forever absent from consent.

Then, we collectively marched. We did not, and never will, let them break our willing, amputate our souls of their dreams, of their passions, of their imaginaries. We will not let you stop our ideas cowardly beating our bodies.

Whoever says we were violent and “armed”, is a pathetic loser with no brain and no heart. Twisting the sense and the truth of our words isn’t worth anything other than our silence. Yet we have to speak because it is necessary to share this experience, this reality, with those who haven’t lived it, because we want back our sisters and our brothers that are charged of something for which they are innocent and risk to stay in prison for long term for their actual “crime”: not to collaborate with the power saying loudly “I would prefer not to”.

The repression has been blindly wild and absurd..

There was a quite peculiar climate in the streets of Copenhagen during the COP-15: the police warming was quite extreme. Everybody could have disappeared at whatever corner. Suddenly, you were not aware of where your friends and comrades were. Strange robots stormed the demos and the gathering before them, watching us all and suddenly entering into the crowd, grabbing somebody. Often, many bodies: up to hundreds at a time.

No crimes evident at a glance had been committed, either in the demos or along the streets. It was just a matter of taste. You “looked like” a trouble maker and, as such, you deserved to be arrested and detained.

For direct experience, we know that for the magistrature the participation to a totally legal and peaceful demo amounted already to an involvement into “public disorders”.

Hence, you can imagine how trying whatever act of civil disobedience was more than sufficient to end behind the bars, irrespectively of how small inventive, ironic, unharming it was.

Whatever we perceive to be “normal” in Europe were disrupted in Copenhagen. Your body did not belong to yourself any longer: it could have been taken, managed, detained in a veritable Guantanamo without you having broken any precise laws. The very fundamental principle of the freedom was lost. Basically, some kind of “désapariciòn” has appeared on the European ground.

We take this as a measure of how deep we hit the core of the power when we reclaim justice and independence for all, when we reclaim the power to the people starting from the governance of the energy production outside the business' rationale.

We must take this as a mild guess of the violence that the power can stir-up against the people and the movements also in Europe and not only in the darkest corners of the empire (where we already have seen things that humans should never see).

We must face this police warming with the invincible hope that arise from the multitudes that move together and that are on the right side; we will face this police warming simply because it is in our nature not to collaborate with oppression, because our minds and our hearts are full of passion and we will never stand aside letting the global injustice to keep on undisturbed. We will face it because that injustice already shows up in our precarious over-exploited life, every day everywhere. And we do not agree. We are looking forward to reclaim the commons – either “natural” of “artificial” – as the basic heritage of everybody.

As for now, we want back our comrades. Let us shut it loudly pestering the Denmark institutions with the letter that you find here below – or what you like. Since the words are, and must be, stones, attach the picture – of what else you like – that you find here below.

We were all there. And no one has left.

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[ It is of striking importance that the Danish Court, Government and insitutions feel the worldwide pressure and attention over this case.

To make it easier for them to notice it, it would be effective to tempest their mailboxes with a letter. We propose the ltter that you can find here below the following emailaddresses. Or whichever letter you like most.

Since the words are, and must be stones (upon which to build, of course), attach a "stone" to your letter.. something that makes it more "massive", like the picture that you find on the gallery here, on the right side. Or whichever you like most.

We propose that you start to send many email to the addresses here below starting from this evening, so that on the 16th in the morning they will notice something already.

And then again, on ht 16th morning, for instance between 11h and 12h, and again in the afternoon, for instance between 3pm and 4pm. At your taste.

Email addr. of external relations, CPH City Court:

Emal addr. of the Danish Parliament:

Email addr. of the Danish Ministry for Foreign Affairs:

Email addr. of the Danish Ministry of interior:

Find the Danish Embassy in your country here: Danish Embassies

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To the Copenhagen Court,

to the Danish Parliament,

to the Danish Government,

to whom it may concern,

I write you in order to let you know my deep aversion for your decision to bring the accusations against the seven activists from CJA. They have been arrested during the mobilizations against the COP-15 in the last December. It is my strong opinion that the accusations are evidently false and based on the ground of the political willing of hampering every dissent. Then, I'm writing you to explain why I'm strongly asking for you to drop every accusation.

You are about to judge seven spokespersons for the Reclaim Power action on December 16th.

We were all there, in Copenhagen during the COP-15 and in the civil disobedience action Reclaim the Power on December 16th.

We, the thousands that gathered in Copenhagen, and the millions that every day, everywhere keep on fighting against climate crisis and climate injustice. And against the economic crisis and the global injustice too, because the first two descend from these second ones, and our life conditions are as much precarious as the future of our common biosphere is nowadays. That is due to the threatens that come from the fool, injust and insane exploitation of both our common natural goods – being them either the water, the climate, the food... – and our common “human” goods – being them the ideas, the bodies, the work...

Despite these threatens are so unquestionable the (not-so)under-covered aim of COP-15 was instead to define new equilibria about the control and the sources of energy, also through assessing a feature-rich carbon market that could evolve beyond the Kyoto's protocol.

That was obvious well before the beginning of the conference: that is why we gathered and collectively organised, and participated to, the actions of those days and the Reclaim the Power action.

For us, to peacefully disrupt the manoeuvres of the world's powers that were planning business threatening the survival of billions, it was a duty and a matter of love, justice and dignity.

Now you are undergoing trials for the seven of us that you pretend to have been planning to commit violences against the police and to disrupt the public order.

As for the violences, you do not have any single evidence against those seven. The charge is totally absurd. You are the army, not us. We are dreamers, passionate women and men that live the invincible hope created by the multitudes that move together..

As for the public order, in response we ask – What order do we threaten and who ordered it? Is it that order in which we do not any more own our bodies? The order well beyond the terms of any reasonable “social contract” that we would ever sign, where our bodies can be taken, managed, constrained and imprisoned without any serious evidence of crime, as happened in Copenhagen? Is it that order in which the decision are more and more shielded from any social conflicts? Where the governance less and less belongs to people, not even through the parliament? Is it that order of criminal exploitation of the world?

Well, in that case yes, we wanted, and still want, to peacefully disrupt it.

We did it with nothing else than our passion and our intelligence, brought on by our bodies.

If this is a crime, then call the millions of us criminals. You are judging an entire world.

However, it is not a crime. Even, all the actions were perfectly legal and we only used the means of civil disobedience.

Natasha Verco, Noah Weiss, Stine Gry, Tannie Nyboe, Malthe Ege, Mads Kissow and Tadzio Muller, and the other climate prisoners, are paying, or paid, only what is mandatory for an obsessive, pervasive and total repression: to find a guilty at the cost of inventing it (along with the crime perhaps).

Then, I urge you to do what is the only worthy thing for a democracy like Denmark: to drop every accusation.



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